Justice Statistical Analysis Tool (JSAT)

The District of Columbia Justice Statistical Analysis Tool (DC JSAT) was established in September 2018 to provide the public with an overview of justice system statistics and information. This website enables users to view and interact with publicly available criminal justice data using filters such as geographic information (e.g., Ward and neighborhood) and demographic information such as race, age group, and gender. It has been designed for public entities to learn about justice system activity across the District as a whole, or within their respective Wards or neighborhoods.

Information made available in the DC JSAT Public Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of the District of Columbia’s federal and local justice system agencies.


 Local and federal justice system agencies in the District of Columbia contribute data to the CJCC in support of JSAT. Data are provided at least annually; some agencies contribute data on a quarterly or monthly basis. CJCC’s Statistical Analysis Center team compiles and analyzes agency data and uses it to generate interactive visualizations that display trends and the level of activity at each phase of the District’s justice system. See More


DC Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

The CJCC was established by the Council of the District of Columbia and Congress. The mission of the CJCC is to serve as the District of Columbia’s forum for District and federal members to identify crosscutting local criminal and juvenile justice system issues and achieve coordinated solutions for the criminal and juvenile justice systems. The CJCC also facilitates and supports member-identified priorities, strategies, and initiatives that will improve public safety and the related criminal and juvenile justice services for District of Columbia residents, visitors, victims, and justice-involved individuals.

DC Statistical Analysis Center (SAC)

The DC SAC was established in April 2001 by a Mayoral Executive Order (Mayor’s Order 2001-58) to provide a division dedicated to the collection, analysis, and dissemination of criminal justice system information. The DC SAC works cooperatively with CJCC member agencies to collect and independently analyze their data in order to address system-wide issues.

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